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VistaGen Therapeutics (NASDAQ : VTGN) Analysis

 Vistagen (Nasdaq: VTGN) is a San Francisco-based biopharmaceutical company pioneering neuroscience. Its treatments deliver ground-breaking therapies for individuals affected by psychiatric and neurological disorders. Recently, the Company announced positive results from a Phase 2A pilot study of PH15, an investigational ephedrine nasal spray, for improved delivery of psychomotor impairment caused by mental fatigue. While I suspect these numbers are low, due to non-reporting, 25 million Americans suffer from SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) and 264 million from depression globally.

Four analysts have the shares with an average target of US$13.

The price is currently US$4.77. Average daily volume 262k. Market Cap US$130m. Volatility could delight a trader as the 52-week range is US$1.62 to US$24.71. Yowzers. The stock cries out for dollar coast average acquisition strategy and a small trading position for the volatility.

VTGN’s robust neuroscience pipeline includes five clinical-stage investigational agents belonging to a new class of drugs known as purines and one oral antagonist of the glycine site of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR). The experienced team and extensive knowledge of these innovative drug candidates its clinical efforts it works to deliver ground-breaking therapies for individuals affected by psychiatric and neurological disorders. Corporate Presentation

Descriptions are long, and likely become clinical quickly to most readers, so I have distilled them down for you (with help from the website).

Fasedienol is a first-in-class, rapid-onset investigational pherine nasal spray designed with potential to treat multiple anxiety disorders without the side effects and safety concerns associated with currently prescribed anti-anxiety products.

Fast Track designation

Itruvone is a rapid-onset investigational pherine nasal spray designed for potential stand-alone treatment for major depressive disorder and other neuropsychiatric indications involving depression.

Fast Track Designation

PH80, an investigational pherine, is a potential treatment for the acute management of vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes) due to menopause, acute management of symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder and acute treatment of migraine.

PH15 is an investigational pherine designed as a potential new treatment for many disorders that lead to sleep deprivation and ensuing fatigue and cognitive impairment.

PH284 is an investigational pherine with potential to treat appetite related disorders such as Cachexia (Wasting Syndrome), a serious but under recognized consequence of many chronic diseases and advanced cancer.

AV-101 (4-Cl-KYN) is an investigational oral prodrug of 7-Cl-KYNA, a complete antagonist of the glycine site of the NMDA receptor, with the potential to treat multiple CNS diseases and disorders.

Fast Track Designation

One of the primary reasons for the growth through the development of VTGN is that it addresses a number of underserved mental illnesses: Anxiety, hot flashes, migraines, fatigue and cognitive impairment.

Rarely do you see a pharma company with products likely deemed unsexy by the sector. VTGN is the kind of Company a big capital company may bolt as a money maker and the research and clearance are already paid for. Chances are these products would be quite profitable, quite quickly.

You may have the same lack of interest viewpoint or see the therapies as dull.

Wait until you get a migraine.

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