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A Small-cap Communication Stock with Huge Potential

CiTech (Critical Infrastructure Technologies) (CSE: CTTT) (OTC: CITLF).

The company’s lead product set is a range of rapidly deployable, high-capacity communications platforms called the NEXUS 16. The shares were listed in late February 2023.

Upon completing the rollout of its technology, CTTT aims to become an established player in the high-capacity mobile and rapidly deployable markets, delivering long-range communications systems into those places where they are most critically needed.

Investors who discount CiTech need to read the news.

In many of the world, the hottest two months are yet to come. Using wildfires as an example proves the need for a robust, self-powered, and easily deployable communications platform.

Enter CTTT’s Nexus 16.

The current fire numbers—higher since this report—require dedicated communication between crews and the base. Add in earthquakes and weather disasters, and one sees CTTT’s technology’s critical value.

National Wildland Fire Situation Report

Archived reports

Current as of July 19, 2023

Current active firesUncontrolledBeing HeldControlledModified Response2169219382

2023 (to date)10-yr avg (to date)% normalPrescribedU.S.Number4,2853,4001262427,715Area (ha)10,971,6381,484,165739534320,996

The simplicity of the hardware and software is briefly described by management.

The NEXUS 16 is a fully integrated, high-capacity communications platform that can be quickly and safely transported to remote and hostile locations and be fully operational and transmitted in under 60 minutes.

CiTech has a team of specialist engineers, some of whom have worked together for almost a decade developing communications products for MiningDefenceEmergency Services and Telecommunications.

The team’s expertise covers all principal engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, embedded firmware, telemetry, communications, climate control, manufacturing, network management systems and cyber security.

Located in South Fremantle, Western Australia, and situated between the head offices of the world’s largest resource companies and Perth’s heavy industry hub, CiTech operates from a 3,000m2 factory with R&D laboratories, testing and production facilities.

Need more? Company Presentation, May 2023.

Non-Emergency Use.

While a critical product in natural disasters, its technology is just as valuable for remote sites, of any resource company. The Nexus 16 tech provides critical ‘disaster’ communications and allows clients in remote or hostile areas to get and receive information, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

And, in a July 21 PR, the Nexus platform is selling. The first sale of the Nexus 16 to Atlas Iron represents CTTT moving beyond development and research to the addition of revenues.

Chris Eriksen, General Manager – Technology and Information Management at Atlas Iron, commented, “Atlas Iron is pleased to work with CiTech and implement the first Nexus 16 unit, a high-capacity communications platform, to our mining operations. The integrated communications framework aims to enhance our monitoring and control functionalities throughout our mining process. Developed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of our mining operations, the Nexus 16 aims to provide reliable communications coverage enhancing our product output”. (PR 07/23/2023)

Instead of my droning on, read this ABC News story about the potential deployment of Nexus 16 in disaster, non-disaster and war zones, such as Ukraine. All those ares have expressed interest.

Bottom Line

CTTT was listed on the CSE in February 2023. As with a lot of IPOs, the price has retreated slightly. But trade volume is beginning to come in. As CTTT becomes better known by investors—and refines and develops more tech, it becomes—difficult as is to say to say—but a proxy for disaster and a critical infrastructure tool for resource companies. The more hostile the environment, the better.

As communications such as Starlink, one of the systems Nexus is configured for, grow, CiTech will likely become invaluable and critical once it becomes more known and accepted.

And therein lies the large and likely profitable scenario,

Depending on the situation, it would be exciting to see it deployed and communicated with the appropriate emergency and non-emergency forces.

And, as noted, sales are coming in. No better way to grow awareness. Sales, attention, more sales; you get the idea.

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