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How Alset’s Investments Shape the AI Landscape (TSXV: KSUM)

Alset Capital explores the AI revolution, targeting a market with a $15.7 trillion economic impact.

Strategic investments in Cedarcross and Vertex AI Ventures spotlight Alset’s commitment to AI infrastructure and intellectual property management.

A recent stock price surge to $0.46 on April 1st underscores the growing market confidence in Alset’s growth potential and innovative capabilities.

If you’re captivated by the allure of the recent eclipse and wish to delve deeper into the cosmos of investment opportunities, then you’ll be intrigued by a company that has recently made astronomical gains. Its stock price soared from $0.05 to a 1-year peak of $0.46, resembling a rocket destined for Saturn’s rings. Yet, if this company can navigate past the gravitational pull of market volatility, its trajectory could lead it well beyond. Are you curious about the name of this skyrocketing venture? It’s Alset Capital. The buzz surrounding this company is undeniable, with numerous factors contributing to its rise. So, why just watch Alset Capital’s ascent from the sidelines? Be part of the journey and embark on an exciting voyage with the company. 

Rising from the shadows: Ascent Capital

In the whirlwind of today’s tech evolution, the AI revolution is a game-changer, revamping industry after industry with its potential for market disruption. Alset Capital (TSXV: KSUM) is right there riding the crest of this wave, ready to harness the vast opportunities AI innovation brings. Imagine tapping into a market where AI’s economic impact could reach a jaw-dropping $15.7 trillion. Add to that the booming AI cloud computing market, which could hit $175 billionannually, and it’s clear why an investment in Alset Capital is like gaining a passport to a realm of exponential growth. 

AI isn’t just about tech enhancement; it’s about transforming productivity, sparking innovation, and opening up entirely new channels of revenue. 

Alset has strategically positioned itself within the AI sector through key investments. It holds a 49% interest in Cedarcross International Technologies, which offers comprehensive AI cloud computing solutions. This partnership provides Alset with a foothold in the infrastructure essential for AI technologies. Additionally, Alset has a 49% stake in Vertex AI Ventures, a company dedicated to the discovery, acquisition, and licensing of intellectual property (IP). Vertex AI Ventures also specializes in providing AI data management services among other offerings, rounding out Alset’s portfolio in the rapidly expanding AI market.

Reactor N1: Vertex AI Ventures

Vertex AI Ventures stands out by not only curating a portfolio of intellectual properties but also by investing in the protection and advancement of these assets. The company understands that its IP is more than just a collection of ideas; it’s the backbone of continuous innovation and future prosperity for its stakeholders.

Beyond IP management, Vertex AI Ventures is also a purveyor of advanced data management solutions, crucial in today’s data-centric business environment. By leveraging machine learning and sophisticated analytics, they empower clients with real-time insights, turning data into a strategic asset.

Reactor N2: Cedarcross

Vertex AI, holding a 49% stake in Cedarcross, is setting its sights on establishing itself as one of Canada’s premier high-performance AI computing entities. Alset is backing this ambition with a substantial $3.7 million secured loan, enabling Cedarcross to acquire cutting-edge Nvidia H100 HGX 8GPU servers, with a substantial annual computing capacity of 700,000 hours.

Cedarcross, part of Alset’s investment portfolio, is planning a path to become a dominant force in AI cloud computing, with plans to aggressively expand by tapping into its industry connections and available capital.

Financially, the acquisition of the Nvidia servers is poised to be quite beneficial. At a rate of USD $2.80 per chip hour, these 10 servers are expected to generate leasing revenues of around USD $2 million annually. This operation is not just about revenue; it’s also remarkably cost-effective, with an anticipated net gross margin of approximately USD $1.6 million per year, showcasing a strong profit potential for Alset and its stakeholders.

“The strategic alliance and loan between Alset and Cedarcross signifies our commitment to fostering innovation in the AI sector. By providing Cedarcross with the necessary financial support, we aim to facilitate the growth of cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize a multitude of industries.”

Morgan Good, CEO of Alset

Strong metrics for the Alset Capital rocketship

Within the company’s expansive share structure, 94,230,331 shares outstanding form the core. Orbiting this core, we find 50,483,912 warrants, each with the potential to convert into additional shares, potentially increasing the size of the share universe. Options are present too, amounting to 8,376,000, which may also convert and join the share count if exercised. Additionally, 3,000,000 Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are waiting to vest and potentially add to the current share count. On the periphery, we have Convertible Debentures valued at $188,000, which, like a comet changing course, could transform into shares and alter the company’s share structure. 

Just like Buzz Lightyear’s famous “To infinity and beyond,” the company might be living by a similar motto of endless growth. For quite some time, the company’s stock price held steady at $0.05. Then, all of a sudden, it shot up, reaching a new high of $0.46 on April 1st. With more good news expected soon, the company looks set to reach even higher stock prices.

What You Need to Remember Before Embarking with Alset

Alset Capital (TSXV: KSUM) is strategically navigating the AI revolution, an industry with the potential to generate trillions in economic impact. Alset, through key investments in Cedarcross International Technologies and Vertex AI Ventures, is seizing a significant share of the high-performance AI computing and IP management markets. 

Their focused financial support and development of state-of-the-art computing capacity, leveraging substantial industry connections, set them up for unprecedented growth. The recent surge in their stock value encapsulates the potential that lies ahead. With a keen eye on innovation and a strong portfolio, Alset is not just riding the wave of AI—it’s helping to steer it towards a future where technology’s bounds are yet to be discovered, much like Buzz Lightyear’s limitless quest into the beyond.

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