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Integrated Cyber Securing Success in Cybersecurity by Adding Rockstar Executive to their Sales Force (CSE: ICS)

Integrated Cybersecurity (ICS: CSE) manages services to small-to-medium businesses and small-to-medium enterprise segments. Its proprietary services include managed detection and response, endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management and assessment, penetration testing, dark web scanning, remediation, security awareness and training, and cybersecurity.

The price chart is spotty not because of disinterest but because the listing is extremely recent (mid-Oct 2023). This may be a good and profitable entry point as buyers buy in later.

Revenue in the Cybersecurity market is projected to reach US$166.20 billion in 2023. Security Services dominates the market with a projected market volume of US$87.97bn in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 10.48%, resulting in a market volume of US$273.60bn by 2028.

Network security and security tools encompass several devices, technologies, and processes. 

With remote working becoming the new normal, every organization requires cybersecurity experts proficient in cybersecurity tools and techniques, no matter how big or small. Organizations must have a good Cyber Security team to avoid cyber threats and security issues. (Next)

 Sales Effort Sees Major Sales and Marketing Initiatives

First, Mr. Jon Von Elm was hired to increase sales within the manufacturing, energy, and academia sectors. He has experience in all of these sectors in cybersecurity sales. As investors can appreciate, cybersecurity takes direct expertise and to identify changes in the landscape for clients and bad actors to hijack, phish, etc.

Alan Guibord, CEO of Integrated Cyber, said, “We are excited to welcome Joe to the Integrated Cyber team. His profound understanding of cybersecurity requirements in these industries and his proven track record in sales will be instrumental in broadening our market presence and driving revenue growth,” Guibord continues; “Our investment in sales and marketing underscores our dedication. We are confident that this expansion will drive new revenue and solidify Integrated Cyber’s position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.”

As a development, this hire extends the Company’s commitment to building an impressive sales and marketing team to expand its sales 

Mr. Von Elm states, ” My passion for assisting enterprises in these sectors with safeguarding their operations from cyber threats aligns perfectly with Integrated Cyber’s mission. I believe my experience will be pivotal in establishing Integrated Cyber as the preferred cybersecurity partner for businesses in these verticals.”

“Say goodbye to segmented cybersecurity and hello to a comprehensive solution with IC360, a platform that helps you secure your cyber technology stack by cross-correlating information across multiple siloed software and hardware solutions. This allows you to see the big picture and identify potential threats your team may not see by only looking at one application.” (ICS website).

By 2030, cybercrimes will reach 10.5 trillion. No means a small market, as that growth is 25% higher than the current market. That’s a merde a load of money. Not to mention the physical damage potentially done.

Do not leave ICS off your watch/buy list. 

The assets ICS saves may be your own.

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