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NEVIS A Uniquely Profitable Consumer Brands Company Operating In The Cannabis Space (CSE: NEVI)

Nevis Brands Inc. (CSE: NEVI, PSCBF, 8DZ) Nevis innovates and develops cannabis products consumed by millions of consumers globally and across multiple markets in the United States. Led by flagship brand, Major, Nevis partners with leading cannabis product manufacturers and distributors to enhance their product offerings.

NEVIS was listed for trading on the CSE on January 6th, 2023, certainly a ground-floor opportunity.

Why Wouldn’t Own NEVIS BRANDS? 

First, it provides some of the top US and globally (MajorTM) available cannabis beverages. Second, the process used in production is a proprietary water-soluble emulsion technology. The technology, dubbed SōRSE, enhances the taste and makes the drink enjoyable with an impressive onset time of 8-15 minutes, an industry-leading time.

Instead of having to roll your own and make a mess and bugger lungs, NE#VIS provides cannabis in a smooth tasty beverage. No muss. And effects take 8-15 minutes.

NEVIS is the solution for those who want quality exposure to the sector with arguably lower risk.

And the bottles are recyclable.

Investors Take Note:

“The global CBD based Beverages Market size was valued at USD 4.52 billion in 2022 and is growing with a CAGR of 25.6% during the forecast period (2023–2031). These properties of CBD are attracting the attention of many people who were skeptical about using the product, which, in turn, is creating several untapped opportunities for the CBD beverages market in North America.” (Straits Research)

John Kueber, CEO. “We are looking forward to increasing efficiencies in packaging, supply chain, and marketing operations with our licensees. Through various successful measures, we have already made significant strides in advancing our Major brand franchise. We are excited about several immediate opportunities that will deliver cost savings and generate greater revenue.”

NEVIS Brands sells cannabis products, including Major, Happy Apple, Atomic Apple, Vertus, and Velvet Swing. The company has licensees in 5 states, including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Ohio. (NEVIS website).

Ongoing and Future Game Plan and Profitable Numbers

One of many growth initiatives is the Company’s strategic acquisitions program. A case in point is the recent purchase of THC Essentials, original owner of the aforementioned Major and other vital brands such as; Happy Apple, Pearl Mixer, Utopia, etc.

THC Essentials generated $1.55 million in licensing revenue while incurring a cost of goods sold (COGS) of $420,458. This resulted in a gross margin of $1,133,806 and a net profit of $235,420.

“We look forward to expanding the retail presence of the Major Brand throughout the state of Oregon and are excited about the opportunity to add new products and flavors such as Atomic Apple to the marketplace,” said Mike Kirkwood, CEO of Angel Industries.

Patently Obvious to Investors.

Interestingly, NEVIS has a research portfolio worth roughly $4 million. It is for sale, and should investors want to deep dive into the patents, here are the details. Obviously, it is a major source of cash if sold.

Bottom Line

Everyone has an opinion on virtually every aspect of the cannabis market. There is no doubt that customers are looking for consistency of price, quality and experience, which NEVIS delivers in many great flavours with no roaches to discard; only recyclable bottles.   As you can see by the growth numbers above, the beverage medium is more conducive to those who may avoid other mediums of ingestion.

Make no mistake: NEVIS is a breath of fresh air in a sector that has either been beaten up or failed to deliver.

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