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(OTC: $PHBI ) Pharmagreen Biotech, A Decent Proxy In A Proliferating Nutraceutical Market

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTCQB: PHBI) (“Pharmagreen” or the “Company”)

Pharmagreen is developing its business model beyond just cannabis and is focused on near-term revenues from its proprietary blend of medicinal plants and fungi, a nutraceutical wellness product.

“Competitive innovation, strategic partnerships and cross-industry applications of cutting-edge micro-propagation technologies and proprietary blends of plants and mushrooms for therapeutic formulations put Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. in a unique position to lead the way in this exciting field of plant biology and its beneficial constituents.”

Nutraceuticals are specially designed consumable products from various food sources with high concentrations of bioactive compounds with several nutritional, health, and medicinal benefits. Nutraceutical products are used to improve health, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy, and support an individual’s physical and mental health. They are also proven to have a potentially positive effect on health conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, and others. (Business Research Company)

Here’s a video from Peter Wojcik, CEO of PHBI. According to Zion Market Research, the nutraceutical industry is proliferating; sales are expected to reach nearly $750 billion by 2028, representing a

the compound annual growth rate of 8.8% over the next six years.

PHBI trades on the US OTCQB market, also known as the Venture Exchange. It lives above the Pink Sheets and below the OTCQX market. This market triumvirate is where some companies with the most live and, more importantly, potentially get their starts. Trading at a modest USD$0.0065 per share produces a modest market cap of just under USD$3m.n In this case, the price is overshadowed by the potential. That said, a decent proxy position in the growth of the Nutraceuticals sector could be accomplished with a modest investment in PHBI.

Maybe football star Tyrell Crosby, PHBI’s Honorary Sports Ambassador, said it best; “After having the opportunity to sample the NutraMax Genomic Supplement and making it part of my everyday wellness program, I knew Pharmagreen was onto something great. Nutraceutical products are very important supplements for all athletes serious about their performance and everyday body and mind balance. I get this with NutraMax, and I am excited to be involved with Pharmagreen to help the company grow its business.”

The public and athletes are enormous markets for current and future products and will likely be a developmental driving force.

Bottom Line

  • NutraMax Genomic Supplement will be available for purchase soon through

Shopify, Amazon, other third-party online outlets, and the Company’s own

pending online store.

  • Pharmagreen created this new line of genomic supplements because health and

wellness start on the cellular level

  • Pharmagreen is focused on developing its product and becoming a household

brand worldwide in support of everyone’s everyday wellbeing

  • Pharmagreen is focused on developing its product and becoming a household

brand worldwide in support of everyone’s everyday wellbeing

What is nutrigenomics?

The study of how food affects a person’s genes and how a person’s genes affect the way the body responds to food. Nutrigenomics is used to learn more about how genes and diet may affect a person’s health and risk of developing diseases like cancer.

Might it be worth—and profitable —to pay attention?


Stay tuned. And be healthy. Naturally.

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