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Predictmedix: An AI Medusa (CSE:PMED)(OTCQB:PMEDF)(FRA:3QP)

Predictmedix’s application has relevance in various verticals, including healthcare, workplace safety, travel and entertainment amongst others.

In healthcare, Predictmedix’s AI and ML solutions can be used for real-time screening of infectious diseases, drug and alcohol impairment detection, and mental health screening. This technology can help healthcare providers to quickly and accurately diagnose patients, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes.

In workplace safety, Predictmedix’s technology can be used to screen employees for drug and alcohol impairment, fatigue, and other conditions that may pose a risk to workplace safety. This can help employers to maintain a safe work environment, reduce workplace accidents, and comply with regulatory requirements.

In travel and entertainment, Predictmedix’s technology can be used for real-time screening of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, at airports, concert venues, and other public spaces. This can help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and protect the health and safety of travelers and entertainment-goers.

Overall, Predictmedix’s application has relevancy in various verticals where real-time screening of infectious diseases, impairment detection, and health analytics are important. The company’s technology has the potential to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of screening and diagnostics in these verticals, leading to better outcomes for patients, employees, and travelers.

The Financial Model:

Predictmedix’s business model is structured around a high-margin (80-90%) recurring revenue stream from its clients.

Its a Screening as a Service model (SaaS).

The company generates revenue through the sale of its health screening solutions, which typically involve a combination of hardware (such as thermal cameras and sensors) and software (including AI algorithms and machine learning models).

Once the initial sale is made, Predictmedix typically enters into long-term contracts with its clients for ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to its technology. This creates a reliable, recurring revenue stream for the company and enables it to maintain high profit margins.

Another aspect of Predictmedix’s business model that contributes to its high margins is the scalability of its technology. Since its solutions are based on AI and machine learning, they can be easily scaled to serve a large number of clients across different industries and geographies. This enables Predictmedix to achieve economies of scale and keep its costs low, while still charging a premium for its innovative solutions.

Overall, Predictmedix’s high-margin business model is built on a combination of innovative technology, recurring revenue streams, and scalable solutions. As the company continues to expand into new verticals and geographies, it is well-positioned to maintain its competitive advantage and achieve sustained growth.

The Math:

1 unit @ $5000 per month rental equals $60,000 per year.

10 units @ $5000 per month rental equals $600,000 per year.

100 units @ $5000 per month rental equals $6,000,000 per year.

1000 units @ $5000 per month rental equals $60,000,000 per year.

The Investor Opportunity:

The company has indicated they are looking to scale globally and are initially focussing on 2 massive markets where healthcare is a government priority, namely, India and Indonesia. They have recently announced 2 Purchase Orders. The current marketcap is less than $15 million Cdn. Assuming they can scale to 1000 units over the next year, the implied valuation will create a parabolic move in the share price . For a high margin software style business model, a 10-15x multiplier on the top line is considered reasonable. If you use a multiplier of 10 on the above implied scale of 1000 units, the result is a valuation of $600 million and a 40x return from current levels. The risk/reward is compelling enough to attract many investors. We see a breakout coming as more Purchase Orders are announced.

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