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Upcoming OTC Listing for Integrated Cyber Solutions (ICS:CSE) will Skyrocket the share Price (DD)

Recently Integrated Cyber Solutions Unveiled plans to dual-list on the US markets giving them access to a whole new spectrum of investors. Sometimes when this happens, The stock usually skyrockets upon listing or news that they will list.


Canada: 40 Million

US: 332Million

Most people have heard of the Robinhood Effect. Mass crowding from retail pushes up the price of stocks. Though stocks on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV) or Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) are overlooked by investors mostly due to their brokerage’s inability to purchase Canadian stocks.

Just like during the Cannabis Bubble of years back when successful companies only available on Canadian markets (e.g. Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis etc) dual-listed, the stock skyrocketed mostly that their shares could now be purchased by an extra 56 Million retail investors in the U.S.

We see the same thing occurring for Plant-based proteins because the segment is very HOT with Millennials right now AND adding another 56 million potential investors will only help Pontus’s share price and raise awareness of their upcoming Consumer products.

Other Upcoming Catalysts that U.S. investors can look forward to

In addition to the OTC listing catalyst above. I’m pretty bullish on the company as well due to their rapid growth plan and big macros behind CyberSecurity Space

New Client deals

Possible Cyber Insurance Offering? 


Increased Product Functionality

Partnerships/Joint Ventures 

OTCQB Listing and DTC Eligibility 

Frankfurt Listing

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