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(CSE: $SWRM ) The Leading-Edge Tech Play in a Multi-Billion-Dollar Market

Swarmio Media Holdings (CSE: SWRM) is a leading-edge technology company focused on deploying its proprietary end-to-end gaming and esports platform, Ember, which enables telcos to monetize their gaming customers. Gaming and esports is a multi-billion-dollar industry with billions of users already existing customers of telecom companies.

What is EMBER?

“Ember gives telco subscribers access to a global gaming hub where they can create communities, a detail crucial for any brands targeting gamers,” said Aseef Khan, VP of Gaming & Esports at Swarmio. Swarmio will partner with telcos to deliver Ember to their large customer bases. There has already been significant interest in Ember from partners across multiple territories as they seek to engage and grow gamer subscribers.

“Platform Benefits:

  • Digital hub for gaming
  • Access to tournaments and challenges
  • Exclusive gaming content
  • Gamification and points system
  • Online store, e-wallet
  • Aggregates player data

As investors, gamers, and investors/gamers progress, it is essential to discuss the critical gaming concept of ‘Latency.’

Latency in gaming often called ‘lag,’ is a common problem for users who like their games streaming without interruptions. Using Swarmio’s Latency-optimized Edge Computing infrastructure and other intelligent network routing algorithms, Lagless is devised to reduce lag by up to 80%. (Deepdive.ca)

“Lagless is one of the many solutions Swarmio plans to introduce to the 100+ million captive telco users to enhance their gaming experience,” said CEO Vijai Karthigesu.

The key investor takeaway is the improved ‘lagless’ latency product that markedly improves the gamer experience.

“Lagless is one of the many solutions Swarmio plans to introduce to the 100+ million captive telco users (A small selection of global clients below) to enhance their gaming experience,” continues CEO Vijai Karthigesu.

Swarmio Investor Website ( https://swarmio.media/investors )

Swarmio on LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/swarmiomedia )

Swarmio on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/SwarmioMedia )

Here, we have a ready market ripe for the Company’s current and ongoing critical development technologies. That market is billions large and is almost rabid to use tech that will either keep or lower the current massive customer churn.

“A seamless gaming experience through systematic empowerment of the ecosystem. (SWRM website)

Yes, it gets better.

Swarmio’s fully managed, plug-and-play Ember platform can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with significant telco operations, allowing telcos to engage and monetize gaming subscribers and gain immediate and meaningful access to the US$200 billion gaming market.

“Echo is one of a host of exclusive new services and features Swarmio will add to the Ember platform to give gamers the best possible gaming experience,” said Vijai Karthigesu, CEO of Swarmio. “The Echo communication system is a unique product that allows gamers to reach and interact with the platform and fellow gamers through many different gamified channels.

“To learn more, visit any of our Ember partner sites:

Globe Telecom ( Philippines ): https://globe.emberhub.gg/

Ooredoo ( Tunisia ): https://ooredoo.emberhub.gg/

SLTmobitel ( Sri Lanka ): https://esports.slt.lk/

The Bottom Line

In discussion with some gamers, the following seems accurate: High latency causes time lag and makes gaming far less enjoyable. Low latency is ideal as this means you are experiencing smoother gameplay. Generally, an acceptable latency (or ping) is around 40 – 60 milliseconds (ms) or lower, while a speed of over 100ms usually means a noticeable lag in gaming.

SWRM is impressive as it develops for the market-identified instead of just the product is driven. It appears they saw a problem with telco churn and felt an ease-of-use, lagless gaming platform could address the customer volatility. The echo aspect also helps by providing an ease-of-use discussion/communications medium for gamers within a telco.

One of my gaming contacts has been gaming since the Atari Game Boy days. He speaks to a group of players he has met recently or spoken to for years. Decades?

All potentially successful investments have one thing in common; they fill a need instead of trying to build something and convince customers they need it. While the ‘need’ is known, the product, be it a Tesla or a gaming platform like Swarmio, will, or has found, a large initial niche and explode into a larger global market.

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