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Pharmagreen Biotech Welcomes Ethan Styles

Pharmagreen Biotech (OTC: PHBI), a company providing the highest quality starter plantlets cannabis/hemp plants and any plant species on this planet utilizing a proprietary tissue culture process, “Chibafreen,” to licensed cannabis cultivators and CBD / CBG hemp farmers, recently welcomed Ethan Styles to its board. Strong from his past rich experience, Mr. Styles will aim to lead Pharmagreen’s development of health and wellness formulations for everyone around the world.

Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. (CNW Group/Pharmagreen Biotech)

Pharmagreen Biotech is a company located in California where it builds its farm. We could define the company as innovative because it utilizes the revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) to reduce the disease and contamination of plants. In other words, Pharmagreen builds state-of-the-art facilities that use the latest environmental, fertigation, and sanitation control technologies. This technique ensures that every batch of new plantlets from the mother plant thrives and, as a positive consequence, reduces costs and solidifies the supply chain. The Long Valley Farms is where the company is mainly focused, and Pharmagreen currently completes fundraising for the acquisition. Pharmagreen targets immediate and significant revenue thanks to the micro-business license application processed by Mendocino County, California, and various relevant governing bodies. According to Peter Wojcik (CEO), the company is laser-focused on getting revenues with the lowest CAPEX as soon as possible. Once the licenses get approved, Mr. Wojcik explains they will add cannabis-based products, both stand-alone and combined with other ingredients, to target specific ailments and help people prevent illness first. In early September, the company announced it had developed its first formulated nutraceutical product.

About Ethan Styles

Ethan Styles joined the company as Vice President of Product Research and Development. Mr. Styles has substantial industry experience because he has worked with medicinal plants, cannabis, medicinal plants, and fungi. Combined with years of personal studies in molecular biology, Ethan has keen insight into the human health benefits these plants provide. Connected to Peter Wojcik’s and the company’s experience, Pharmagreen will be able to use this knowledge of vegans, organics, tissue culture (Chibafreen), good farming practices, molecular biology and genomic technologies in the future production of plant and fungi biomaterial.

“My aim as V. P. of Research and Development is to simplify health and wellness and give humanity the ability to experience the best out of life. Through ancient knowledge and today’s most advanced technologies, we can develop a way of life unknown to most of the population,” Mr. Styles stated. “By using multiple genomic data platforms to cross reference client-specific data against historical and current genomic patterns, we have the ability to make straightforward recommendations regarding appropriate active ingredients. I look forward to leading Pharmagreen’s development of health and wellness formulations for everyone around the world.”

Ethan Styles

“It gives me great pleasure to have Mr. Styles join our corporate team. While getting to know Ethan for the last year and a half, I experienced his extensive knowledge of therapeutic plants and fungi firsthand. I learned from him what really matters when it comes to personalized health and wellness. He has been the missing link we were looking for in the production of nutraceutical whole plant and fungi-based human support product development, utilizing molecular biology and genomic-based sciences.”

Peter Wojcik

About nutraceuticals, the market was worth around USD $449.5 Billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow to about USD $745.5 billion by 2028. As per the analysis shared by Zion market research report, the Nutraceutical Market is expected to grow annually at a CAGR of around 8% (2022-2028).

The demand for functional foods will increase considerably through 2030 owing to several health benefits, including weight management and improved blood circulation. These products also aid individuals with cardiovascular and obesity issues, which will drive the growth of the functional foods segment. Regarding distribution channels, E-commerce represented a strong segment as it generated USD $116.3B in revenue in 2021. Rising demand for a faster and easier shopping experience will further push the industry size from the E-commerce distribution channel. North America holds the most significant market share worldwide by gathering 38.5%. The region should keep the most important market share thanks to the growth of key players in developing novel products. The covid pandemic has positively affected the overall development of the industry. Preventative measures against the virus buoyed the consumption of nutritious and functional foods with high zinc, sodium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and mineral content, escalating the sales of nutraceutical products.

The company’s stock price is worth $0.0098. If it recovers from its 52-week low of $0.004, the stock price will remain steady, hovering around $0.01. Besides, it could deserve to reach back its 52-week high of $0.03. What could significantly drive the market cap up is when Pharmagreen has its farms fully operational. The increase in revenue will help to boost the share price.

Bottom Line

Pharmagreen Biotech (OTC: PHBI) remains significantly undervalued. If the company follows its strategy, it could lead the company to grab a significant market share. Adding Ethan Styles to the board marks a significant milestone and strengthens the company’s knowledge. The current share price doesn’t demonstrate the whole company’s potential, leading us to say it is an excellent opportunity to invest now and have a great return on investment in the near future.

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