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(CSE:BRAS) Brascan Gold’s Properties Offer Massive Potential

Brascan Gold Inc. (CSE: BRAS) is a mineral exploration company primarily focused on GOLD and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Brascan Gold Inc. has exploration in Newfoundland, Canada and Brazil. There is now a mineral gold rush in Newfoundland. A $250 million investment has been made by a company called New Found Gold, which discovered a significant ore body.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars being invested by numerous mining firms. 30 to 40 businesses are present. It might be Canada’s biggest ever mineral-gold discovery. In Newfoundland, Brascan Gold Inc. has five properties and has agreements in place to acquire seven more extremely promising ones. A site in Brazil owned by Brascan Gold Inc. is called Alegre Gold Property, and it is particularly susceptible to mining, just as Newfoundland. The Alegre gold site is located in a region with numerous other gold properties. Other businesses in the region include IAMGOLD, KinRoss, and Gold Mining Inc. in the north.

On the Alegre property, Brascan is conducting a program with geophysics, with some of the best geologists to define drill targets. In that region artisanal miners have found millions of dollars in gold on the surface at about 20 meters depth, therefore Brascan is hopeful they too will find the potential for several million ounces. Recently the federal government established a tax exemption known as the critical minerals tax credit, hundreds of millions of dollars will go to critical minerals, and Brascan Gold Inc. is looking beyond gold. This is why Brascan Gold Inc. recently chose to diversify.

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