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Fandifi to Host Live Corporate Webinar and Introduce Fan Engagement Technology on August 11th at 11am ET

Fandifi, previously known as Fandom Sports, runs an eSports staking platform that enriches the gaming experience for its fans in a new dimension. It uses a cloud-based and system-generated prediction engine that enables content creators to indulge and engage profitably. The Fandifi platform is designed on machine learning and an intelligent retrieval system customized to increase content engagement within the fan communities irrespective of the system of distribution. Fandifi Technologies also manages the online website  www.fandomart.com, a digital marketplace for fans to buy sell and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain-based operating system.

Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, OTC, and Frankfurt under the symbols (CSE: FDM) (OTC: FDMSF) (FRANKFURT: TQ43), Fandifi Technologies operate a global platform to enhance gaming experience and monetization of fan-centric content using artificial intelligence and blockchain. It has a web application that can be configured on Android and iOS mobile devices to use associative neural networks and data algorithms to make sports predictions. Fandifi can use their expertise in predicting, playing, and earning rewards through it. It transforms consumer interactions with digital content by enriching the gaming experience by logging in, watching, guessing, betting, and creating NFTs online.

Recent Developments

To educate and inspire the stakeholders and investors about Fandifi’s Fan Engagement Prediction technology, the company plans to host a webinar dated Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 11 am ET. The program involves a live presentation of Fandifi’s vision, current business developments, and future potential. In addition, the company’s President & CEO, David Vinokurov, will exhibit the platform’s functionality and gamification and forecast competencies for the broadcasted content.

The participants can register on the link mentioned on their website and join the webinar to learn how to enhance their gaming experience and make good capital from the sale and trade of NFTs using decentralized finance. Super fans can use the decentralized financial network based on blockchain technology to earn rewards without the involvement of banks or intermediaries.

Fandifi also partnered with Blockgration Global Corp for affiliate marketing and business development services. Through this collaboration, Blockgration would enable a liquidity avenue to the companies within the network and explore opportunities in the Indonesian, Indian, and Philippines markets.

In order to achieve more with a strong vision and leadership, Fandifi proclaimed the appointment of a new member to the Fandifi Advisory Board. The addition of Mr. Renjun Bao Ph.D. is an excellent advantage to the company.

A bigwig in the sports industry, Mr. Bao is a distinguished leader with a forte in sports industry knowledge. He has successfully served and managed many international leagues both in China and USA. Presently working as a business development director , he also bags the credit for being a Senior Sports Reporter for Tencent Sports America.

Fandifi, with the presence of Mr. Bao, plans to streamline and excel the Fandifi prediction platform for the strategic stakeholders and global onlookers. In addition, his expertise in augmenting broadcasting technologies and managing profitable business relationships with top-tier international leagues will endow content creators with increased engagement and profitability globally. Fandifi has remunerated a five-year contract with Mr. Bao with 200,000 performance motivation stock options at a fair value of $0.13.

Since the transition from Fandom Sports to Fandifi, it has evolved significantly in providing the best engaging and predicting engine to help it excel in content fortification, fan engagement, and monetization tools for the revolutionized content creation. In addition, the involvement of machine learning prediction based on recurring scenarios and an integrated reward system in the form of NFTs has empowered the fans to make bets by winning with real-time broadcasted content.

To learn more about Fandifi please visit their website, you can also register for their upcoming webinar by clicking this link

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