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(CSE: PLCN) Cannibble’s Winning Hearts with Pelicann Products

A player in the food technology industry since 2018, Cannibble Foodtech Ltd has recently gained popularity as a pioneering Israeli company that produces hemp-infused food mix products. It has innovated and developed food mixes enriched with hemp seeds and hemp protein in markets where it is legally permitted. It has designed more than 100 product SKU’s, out of which 32 are successfully being produced. These are exclusive formulas for powder-based foods, spices, and beverages sold under the trademark “The Pelicann.”

Powered by their secret ingredient, Pelicann products use state-of-the-art technology to formulate and convert oils and liquids to potent desiccated powders. The powdered hemp food mixes are scientifically enriched with plant-based active cannabinoids through hemp seeds, protein, CBD, and THC. The formulas enable the even distribution of all ingredients, empowering Cannibble to legally mark its brand among the leading non-active and active marijuana-infused food techs. “The Pelicann” products secured praises at the MJBizCon in December 2019 and have thrived since.

The Pelicann hemp food comes in broadly three categories

  • Green: Hemp seeds, hemp seed oils, and hemp protein,
  • Pink: Full-spectrum CBD to isolated CBD,
  • Blue: THC-infused  Hemp seed oils and hemp protein.

Recent Market Developments

Cannibble is listed as PLCN on the Canadian Securities Exchange, after receiving the go-ahead to float its ordinary shares in the market on March 3rd, 2022 and has successfully made lucrative strategic decisions for its stakeholders. Before it went public Cannibble collected approx. $2.5 million through FrontFundr, a Canadian crowdfunding platform.

Due to its exciting taste and texture, the Pelicann products have reached popularity amongst the masses in states where it is legally allowed to sell hemp products.

Cannibble asserts that its instant mixes for baking, beverages, and spices are prudently prepared with a verified fixed cannabis dosage with high-quality assurance standards and processes. The hemp content is the same as the cannabis but contains less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol, which is an allowed dose. In addition, the stringent food engineering QA protocols ensure that the goods are produced for ready-to-use single-serving containers for sale in kiosks and convenience stores.

Cannibble recently partnered with Sams Club to sell its Pelicann Protein Brownie Mix at Puerto Rican stores. This strategic move is a milestone in the vision of the edible and nutritional supplement industry the company foresees. It also made its hemp food available on e-commerce giants like Amazon USA and Walmart as a market expansion move. The product listing includes flavoured protein shakes, popcorns, brownie mix, and chocolate protein cupcakes. Prepared after extensive R&D, the Pelicann products are healthy, sugar-free, and organic.

The Future

The demand has surged as the global cannabis edibles market value is expected to grow to USD 11.564 billion by 2025. Cannibble plans to target non-smokers and health-conscious consumers who want cannabis-based edibles differently. It is also working on an online shop for the USA and other countries and point of sales to increase its virtual and physical presence.

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