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(TSXV: LMS) A Brief Look at Junior Mining Explorer Latin Metals Inc.

Imagine revamping the lacking economies of Peru and Argentina and revitalizing the cities and nations with prosperous mining exploration companies like Latin Metals that seek to not only lead in the gold-copper market but create social impact in Latino communities.

Latin Metals Inc. is a mining exploration company operating in South American regions like Peru & Argentina with a concentration in gold and copper. Some of their projects are based in cities as north as Yanba and others are as far south as La Flora.

Latin Metals is a heavily investor motivated company and aims to build a company structure and dynamic that centers arounds the desires of their shareholders. Their market crushing process of generating projects and funding with partners continuously proves to be profitable and effective in foreign countries.

The company continues to stay ahead of the game through maintaining highlights such as quality partners, strong international relations, high interest, little dilution, and excellent organizational structure. It is without a doubt Latin Metals can become a leading exploration company in big industries like Peru or Argentina but what achievements have they possessed in recent years?

Other than maintaining a vital company dynamic with generous investor highlights, the company continuously secures strong partnerships quarter after quarter. In 2021 they made 4 large exploration funding partnerships with Libero Copper & Gold, Barrick, AngloGold, and Patagonia Gold

Combined these projects reach an estimated 17,000,000 project expenditures and $3,000,000+ payouts in just one year!

Furthermore, they have managed to hold over 15 projects across South America throughout the years, and actively maintain non-dilutive investments and high interest in each of their projects.

Leadership is one of the most important factors when it comes to leading a company in order to become a top player in a market, luckily Latin Metals has exemplary leaders.

Their international group of executives and directors range from experienced professionals to strong local connectors. Some notable leaders include: Keith Henderson(CEO), Dani Palahnova(CFO), Dr. Castelli(President), Edurado Leon(Exploration Manager), and Elyssia Patterson(Investor Relations).

Furthermore, if you’re an investor you’re in great hands, Latin Metal’s directors are all investor focused leaders that always aim to keep you, the shareholder, in mind.

Currently, the company operates 4 different types of projects throughout SA.

  1. Optioned to Partner
  2. Seeking Partner
  3. LMS Exploration
  4. LMS Royalty Recent news has indicated that some of its projects in Argentina, specifically

Organullu and Esperanza, have shown indicators of high geochemical activity and large mineralized zones. The Argentinian project’s best intersection sits at 387m @

0.57% copper & 0.27g/t gold intersected from surface and numerous surface rock samples have hit a copper percentage of +1% and other areas can reach 6%+.

Additionally, the Perubian projects are also doing well. The company operates many 100% owned projects in regions of Peru and has a heavy focus on gold-copper projects. Many of the properties are geology dominated by granodiorite, volcanics and limestones meaning lots of potential for porphyry and skarn mineralization. Other prosperous projects in the Jacha Region are showing high southern mineralization rates and soil values ranging from 2 to 446 ppm copper and up to 15 ppm molybdenum.

Furthermore, the current state of the company isn’t the only growing factor at play, the market is too! On an international perspective African, Asian, and Southern American countries are pushing for bigger mineral exploration markets and are becoming the new hotspots for precious metal discovery.

Nationally, Peru’s mining and other discoveries industries make up 10% of its economy and Argentina is one of the most metal rich places on Earth. Additional, large market growth gaps from the early 2010s are starting to heal as the industry is growing to record highs.

Some quick facts about the stock are that its issued and outstanding shares are 57,295,641, it has around 6 million options, and 68 million fully diluted shares.

As of now the share price is: 0.090USD and a market cap of around 9 million CAD

The future outlook for both the market and the company is huge! The mineral rich fields and geochemical areas of Latin America have so much potential to be the next hotspots for exploration companies. Additionally, Latin Metal’s comprehensive generate, explore, partner, and discover process allows them to not only maintain strong and meaningful connections with locals but to expand faster than any other company in the industry.

In conclusion, the company is still small compared to big giants but it has lots of potential to lead the Latin American mining exploration industry. It’s easy to scale and its great socially connected leaders and projects continue to make it years ahead of its competitors and its interconnected partners from around the globe continue to fund Latin Metal’s projects with ease. There is no doubt the organization will become one of the industrial discovery giants in the mineral exploration market and lead a better socially and economic world for Latin America.

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