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(TSXV: PEGA) A look at Uranium & Pegasus Resources

Can you imagine a world where one bite-sized piece of uranium could power hundreds of cars and homes with no harm to the environment? Pegasus Resources is helping make this idea a reality and leading the uranium resources industry in Canada.

Pegasus Resources is a mining exploration company in Canada that has a specific focus on metal-based North American properties. Pegasus Resources manages 4 uranium mining properties on the northeast side of the prestigious Athabasca Basin and has recently added 147 claims in South Dakota. The 4 near the Athabasca Basin are dubbed Wollaston Northeast, Mozzie Lake, Bentley Lake, and Pine Channel these properties are explored for uranium, a radioactive metal used to fuel power plants.

The company has a focus on uranium for 2 main reasons. For one, it is very profitable. Uranium as a resource is becoming extremely valuable as the nuclear sector expands and the need for energy research grows. Secondly, the social impact is huge. Sustaining life on earth with clean energy has always been a challenge but nuclear energy is creating a world where a reality of eco-friendly and efficient energy can come true, they just need the resources to power it. That is where Pegasus Resources comes in, they can provide the natural materials to power a clean energy future and advance the progression of nuclear energy.

Pegasus has a talented team; they are highly dedicated to investors and prioritize developing the company to new heights. The company has managed to secure great locations to operate their projects. Current estimates have calculated 537,000 pounds (about 243578.9 kg) of uranium to be present in the properties and in total the properties comprise of 54,000 ha over 13 mineral claims. One of the more exciting properties the company has acquired is the Pine Channel property which has remained idle since the 1980s. Next Gen Arrow deposits have concluded that the channel is a wonderful place for high grade uranium occurrences through discovering complex basement lithologies, highly anomalous radioactive activity, and altered basement rock associated with conductive trends.

In the 1970s Denison Mines Ltd. discovered and conducted a variety of surveys on the land. Later in the 70s they began to operate near the basin. They conducted 12 diamond drill hole tests and the results proved the area to be a great investment The mineral exploration and mining market is also growing, much like the company. African and South American countries are pushing for their economies to bolster mineral exploration markets and the uranium market is also expanding.

As the need for clean energy continues to grow and the research of nuclear energy production continues to develop, the uranium market does too. Indexes have proved the market to grow at a steady rate of 100% over 5 years and have shown the number of investors investing in the uranium market is growing quickly!

As the climate change movement excels and nuclear power plants begin to become a leader in energy production, the uranium market is only expected to rise. Although the stock is cheap and has experienced some decline in past years, it has a lot of potential, and it is quite undervalued. As this stock has a low barrier of entry when it comes to price, investors are seeing this as a fantastic way to take charge of the future of the uranium market and get in on a company with immense potential.

While many companies seek to profit off the destruction of our planet, Pegasus Resources grows on the natural and clean production of energy that can save our planet from climate change and dangerous fossil fuel implications. Because the market of uranium depends on the nuclear sector, the outlook for both the sector and company are bright and have lots of potential to become one of the fastest growing industries. While some are scared by the industry’s performance over recent years, it is important to acknowledge its capabilities. Uranium can re-emerge and create a better world for us, all while profiting in eco-friendly ways that power a future of clean energy.

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