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(CSE: AYUR) Ayurcann Leads as a Post-Harvest Solution Provider in the Cannabis Industry

Ayurcann is a prominent cannabis extraction and manufacturing Canadian company that aims to deliver the best quality of medicinal and recreational cannabis locally and globally. It envisions to privileged partner for leading Canadian and international cannabis varieties by providing end-to-end solutions and exclusive services. The company’s operations are divided broadly into manufacturing and marketplace. The manufacturing division covers:

  • Extraction & Refinement: Ayurcann provides Bulk Extraction, Winterization Services, and Fractional Distillation annualized capacity of up to 300,000 kg based on the client’s requirements.
  • Bulk oil Sales: with a monthly inventory of over 300kg distillate available, it provides a catalog to leading licensed producers for edibles topics and vape production
  • White label manufacturing: a one-stop solution from extraction to packaging and branding, Ayurcann provides customer-centric customized processes and solutions. It leads as a post-harvest solution provider in product development and commercialization, successfully bringing the product to the market.

The Ayurcann Marketplace offers to deliver medicinal cannabis pertaining to the patients’ necessities in vapes, topicals, and tinctures.

Recent Business Developments

Ayurcann Holdings Corp. has shares trading on the CSE: AYUR, OTCQB: AYURF, and FSE: 3ZQ0, recently bagged a win with the 100% acquisition of  Joints and Hustle & Shake Inc. for $5,500,000 delivering top-notch high potency CBD oils, weed products, and high potency vapes.

The company has shown profitability as it reported revenues of $2.8 million on March 31, 2022, compared to $2.6 million on March 31, 2021. In July 2022, it will flood markets with inventories across Canada. The company has 12 new and approved SKUs, including vapes, Joint’s best-selling tinctures, dablicators, flowers, and pre-rolls for cross-country delivery.

It also ventured to produce the bulk of recreational cannabis with retail stocks in over 1,000 stores. The market expansion covers Vida-branded tinctures and Glow-branded topicals to Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Fuego-branded vapes in the rest of Canada.

Market Performance

Ayurcann bagged THC and CBD distillate sales holding over 1 billion milligrams of cannabinoids for vapes, tinctures, topicals, and edibles, in partnership with renowned brands throughout Canada and globally. The company has earned two prestigious industry awards as Top Canadian Processors and Top Tolling Provider in the Canadian Cannabis industry. It successfully fulfilled numerous orders from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick with the Fuego Vapes brand. Similarly, Vida Tinctures and Glow Topicals are yielding profitability and increasing their market share by delivering a cerebral cannabis experience.

Future Potential

Ayurcann has an association with eight recreational cannabis brands and over 500 local listings around Canada. It is putting in efforts to soon launch new SKUs into the market with distillate-focused products having the best weed ingredients and flavours. The vape brands are Bravo6, Xplor and Oy Vapes, and Her Highness for Intimacy oil. Each brand focuses on a segment of cannabis enthusiasts from both recreational and medicinal divisions that will enhance the weed experience.

It has also hired Stockhouse Publishing Ltd for marketing awareness and Independent Trading Group to provide market-making services per Canadian Securities Exchange. Earnings are forecasted to grow by 138%, they recently became profitable this year, their Net Profit Margin’s continue to grow and with a healthy balance sheet makes for a great profitable acquisition target for a bigger player in the industry.

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