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(OTC:PHBI) Pharmagreen Is Set To Revolutionize The Cannabis Space With Advanced Vegetative Propagation of Plants

Utilizing their newest technology, “Chibafreen,” the company hopes to convert the revenue potential of its proprietary intellectual property into realized revenue. 

After the acquisition of Long Valley Farms LLC in January this year, Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTCQB: PHBI) is now actively working towards the production of endangered plant species as they have invented a new technology to store the live plant species indefinitely with proprietary cold storage technology using tissue cultures.

This proprietary tissue culture process called “Chibafreen” can be applied to the cannabis industry to increase the scalability of industrial grow operations while preserving genetic purity and enhancing quality production. Pharmagreen hopes to make its proprietary technology Chibafreen a cannabis industry standard in the near future. Chibafreen will be available soon from Pharmagreen Biotech to licensed cannabis cultivators and CBD/CBG hemp farmers.

As evident, Pharmagreen’s acquisition of Long Valley Farms is an important part of its strategy to turn the revenue potential of its proven proprietary cannabis tissue culture technology, Chibafreen, into actual revenue. Other value-added services include plant species identification by DNA testing and certification, live storage of all plant strains via tissue culture, and patented low-temperature storage technologies.

Pharmagreen Removes Convertible Debt From Its Balance Sheet

According to reports, Long Valley Farms has already begun the pre-development phase for the IoT greenhouse, which includes starting engineering work and obtaining permits required prior to construction. They have also applied for nursery, distribution, non-volatile extraction, and retail Cannabis licenses with California regulatory bodies. In order to produce the greatest quality flower tops, the company is currently looking to use the best tissue cultivated plantlets in its state-of-the-art greenhouse.

The company also launched a crowdfunding campaign on DealMaker on September 24, 2021, where investors can purchase shares issued through a Regulation. So far, the campaign has helped them raise millions of dollars, allowing them to continue their activities indefinitely. They also have their strategic partner’s support in this initiative, whose main goal is to help protect and advance agriculture by providing proprietary, automated, and cost-effective mass propagation technologies to produce disease-free plants using tissue culture techniques for today’s cannabis growers.

To know more about Pharmagreen (OTC: PHBI), visit https://www.pharmagreen.ca/.

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