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(CSE:PLCN) Cannibble Foodtech Is Celebrating The Success Of “The Pelicann” Brand In the USA

Since commencing trade back on March 3rd, 2022, the stock of Cannibble Foodtech has been on a fast rise.

In December 2019, “The Pelicann” products were successfully presented at the MJBizCon.https://stockmonkey.ca/category/sm-picks/cannibble-foodtech/ Since then, Cannibble Foodtech has created a name for itself as a food tech company that develops and manufactures food mix items improved with hemp seeds, hemp protein, CBD, and THC in various ways. The business has created proprietary recipes for powder-based edibles enriched with active cannabinoids and sold under the “The Pelicann” brand. As evident, Cannibble is an Israeli food technology firm that develops and manufactures food mix products infused with non-active and active marijuana in states where it is allowed to do so.

Hemp seeds, hemp seed oils, and hemp protein (Green), full-spectrum CBD to isolated CBD (Pink), and THC infused hemp seeds, hemp seed oils, and hemp protein (Pink) are the three types of Pelicann goods (Blue). Manufactured under strict Food manufacturing QA protocols, these products are proposed for personal use in “single-serve” containers and kiosks and convenience stores for a quick serving of prepared foods. Founded in 2018 by CEO Yoav Bar-Joseph, CTO Elad Barkan, CFO Asaf Porat, and VP of Business Development Ziv Turner, Cannibble is known to create over 100 powder-based instant mixes for baking, beverages, and spices enhanced with cannabinoids and hemp products.

The ordinary shares of Cannibble began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol ‘PLCN’ at the market open on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, after receiving final approval for listing from the Canadian Securities Exchange. Cannibble Foodtech recently carried out several strategic and profitable activities for Cannibble and its shareholders.

The company has also hired Questrade, Inc. (“Questrade”) to offer market-making services in accordance with CSE requirements in connection with its CSE listing. Cannibble claims its products are made “with a known, tested, and fixed cannabis dosage” under strict food manufacturing QA processes. are made “with a known, tested, and fixed cannabis dosage” under strict food manufacturing QA processes.


To know more about Cannibble Foodtech (CSE:PLCN), visit  https://cannibble.world/investors/

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