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Saturday, May 25, 2024

(FDM.CN) Fandifi Partners with Blockgration and Appoints Renjun Bao of Tencent as Director

Fandifi Technology Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (FSE: TQ4) operates an Esports/Sports wagering platform. The platform is the most mobile-friendly tool for forecasts and data interactions in unfiltered raw Esports and Sports. Enthusiastic fans can let go their primitive impulses via Fandom, make predictions or wagers, and win prizes. it is a web application which instantly operates on an Android and iOS mobile device targeting “Superfans,” who aspire to show the world they know their stuff better than the experts and their friends – giving them a chance to Play, Predict, and Get Rewarded. Fandifi Technology is revolutionizing the way that consumers interact with streamed and broadcast content. Fans will be able to tune in, watch, predict, wager and create NFTs all on-platform


Fandifi Technology Corp. announced that the Company has entered into an affiliate marketing and business development agreement with Blockgration Global Corp. Blockgration gives investors and enterprises operating in its ecosystems access to a digital asset platform that can offer liquidity. They also provide business clients with vertically integrated white-label solutions for a variety of web 3.0 activities.

Blockgration will facilitate commercial partnerships for Fandifi with their broad international network of enterprise clients under the provisions of the Agreement.

“Partnering with Blockgration provides an opportunity for Fandifi to access significant pools of overlapping demographics from both blockchain and gaming user pools. Blockgration’s existing platform deployment in Indonesia, India and the Philippines give us a toe hold in new markets and a strong presence on the ground with local partners to expand and grow the Fandifi footprint. We’re excited to collaborate with our partners and explore the opportunities in these exciting markets,” states David Vinokurov, Fandifi CEO and President.

In recent times, FDM added a new advisor to their team in the person of Renjun Bao, the Head of Tencent Sport America . Tencent’s social media platforms have over one billion users. More than 129 million people pay for a Tencent Video subscription. This brings FDM access to a considerable number of potential partnerships.


Fandifi appears to get more from Bao’s appointment. It also shows the growth potential of this small company to catch this conglomerate attention. Investors could speculate that Tencent or one of its partners might even buy out FDM.

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