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(TSXV: LMS) Latin Metals Discovers High Grade Copper, Partners with Barrick Gold

Latin Metals, or LMS, is based in Vancouver and holds a diversified gold and copper exploration asset portfolio in South America.

The company establishes joint venture partners to fund drilling and advanced exploration, exposing shareholders to the upside of mineral finds while conserving money and reducing dilution. It is a fantastic opportunity for investors because mining companies typically dilute their outstanding shares to continue their expansion, resulting in a loss of share value for shareholders. LMS does not do this however


  • Project Generation: technical expertise and experience in project selection
  • Acquire Exploration Properties: exposure multiple commodities/increased probability of discovery;
  • Focused Surface Exploration: low cost of exploration to add value & attract partner interest;
  • ·Secure Partner Funding: secure cash payments, work commitment and minimize dilution to LMS shareholders;
  • ·Partner Funds Exploration: the majority of high-cost exploration and exploration risk born by partners;

Latin Metals announced an update to its previously announced earn-in agreement with Barrick Gold Corporation on March 10th. Latin Metals has given Barrick the opportunity to earn up to an 85% stake in three projects in Argentina’s Santa Cruz Province.

As of February 25th, 2022, Latin Metals and Barrick have reached an agreement with the underlying owner of the Properties. The Properties’ underlying owner has accepted Barrick’s rights under the Earn-In Agreement and has given Barrick permission to operate on the Properties. “Barrick is now committed to incur at least USD 1,000,000 in exploratory expenditures on the Properties by the second anniversary of the Effective Date,” according to the news release. Barrick has also paid Latin Metals the US$150,000 cash payment that was due on the deal.

The business possesses all of the qualities of a hidden treasure. Latin Metals stock has a fair value of $0.24 according to Quants Report, while Yahoo Finance and Fundamental Research Corp have a 1-year objective of $0.37.

Cryptocurrencies appeared to be a safe haven for investors. Commodities, on the other hand, are the safest industry, and more money is flowing in. Latin Metals will gain from this resurgence, as will exploration and mining businesses.

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