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(TSXV: LMS) A Glimpse at Latin Metals Prospective Joint Ventures

Latin Metals is a mineral resource exploration company that mainly targets precious metals and copper mining in historically resource-rich regions of South America, especially in Peru and Argentina. Latin metal is operated based on the prospect generator model by targeting the acquisition of resources at minimum cost, followed by initial evaluation through the cost-effective exploration to establish drill targets. In order to fund drilling and advanced exploration, Latin metals ultimately secures joint venture partners.

Latin Metals is extensively involved in the exploration of resources in Argentina and they have a history of advancing those properties through agreements with larger companies such as Newmont and Yamana Gold. In addition to those two companies, they have reached some agreements with companies like Libero copper and gold, Patagonia Gold, and Anglogold Ashanti in 2021. These new deals will sum up to US$17 million of non-dilute investment over the coming years if they run to their full term. This is the list of the current active projects belonging to Latin Metals in Argentina.

  • Organullo Project
  • Ana Maria and Trigal Projects
  • Esperanza Project
  • Mina Angela Project
  • Cerro Bayo and La Flora Projects
  • El Quemado Project

Organullo Project: This is a fully owned exploration property of Latin Metals which s located in the Salta province, Northwest Argentina. Historically this location was used for small-scale gold mining as it contains locally high-grade gold at the surface. Large alteration and mineralization footprint with geochemical anomalies can be detected and according to the current estimation it extends over 10km strike length, making it one of the largest unexplored deposits in Peru.

Ana Maria and Trigal Projects: Ana Maria project is 100% owned by Latin Metals which is located in the Salta province. This mineralization is partly contiguous with the more advanced Organullo project. Trigal project is a 100% owned precious metal exploration project which is located in the east of and contiguous with Barrick’s El Quevar silver project. Latin Metal has entered into an option agreement with AngloGold Ashanti that has optioned these two projects including the Organullo project as well.

Esperanza Project: This is an advanced, drill-ready, copper-gold exploration project which is located in the San Juan province in Argentina. This consists of a copper-gold porphyry system, juxtaposed beside a gold epithermal system. Current analysis associated with the surface samples provides a sense of the system dimensions and highlights that both high-grade gold and copper occur at the surface. Drill holes evidence for the extension of this copper-gold porphyry system to a depth of approximately 400m.

Mina Angela Project: In 2021, Latin Metal sold its Mina Angela site which is located in the Chubut province, Argentina to Patagonia Gold. Following the sale, Latin Metals keeps a 1.25% NSR royalty on future production.

Cerro Bayo and La Flora Projects: Latin metals had the opportunity to earn a 100% interest in 6 projects within the Deseado Massif in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. But these two projects were optioned for Barick Gold cooperation. Aylen, Pedro, and Fiorentina projects are currently under the operation of the company.

El Quemado project: This is a large-scale project that extends over 8000 hectares bearing rare earth minerals and lithium pegmatites. Latin Metals has 100% ownership of the project. This was mined sporadically, in the period between 1943 to 1981 in search of tantalum, niobium, and bismuth.

Peru is a relatively newer location for Latin metals as they started their operation in 2019 through the acquisition of 100% ownership of three copper exploration projects. Still, the explorations are ongoing and they are now looking for new partners to fund the drilling program as the Peruvian copper project matures. At the same time, the company is looking the acquisition of new projects in Peru to maintain a healthy pipeline of projects to have a steady income in the future. Following are the currently active projects Latin Metals in Peru.

  • Lascha Project
  • Auquis Project
  • Yanba Project
  • Jacha Project
  • Para Project
  • Tillo Project
  • Loli Project

Lacsha Project: This is a fully owned of the Latin Metal company which extends over an area of 4000 hectares and this is located within the Cretaceous age Coastal Copper Belt which includes different type of deposits like copper porphyry, VMS, IOCG, and intrusion-related gold deposits. But Latin Metal is mainly designed this project for the prospective of copper-molybdenum porphyry.

Auquis Project: This is located within the Cretaceous age Coastal Copper Belt as same as the Lascha project, bearing different deposits like copper porphyry, VMS, IOCG and intrusion-related gold deposits. But this project is prospective for copper-molybdenum porphyry. This a fully owned project acquired back in 2020 and this extends over an area of 3600 hectares.

Yanba Project: This project was acquired after completing a regional stream sediment survey covering around 200km2. This area was selected due to its consistent copper anomalies and geological similarities to the nearby Lacsha project. Calculated copper values are anomalous across 7 contiguous catchments and it is 3 times higher than background in some locations.

Jacha Project: Project which is located within the Southern Peru Copper belt which is famous for porphyry and skarn deposits and mines.  This project extends over an area of 2200 hectares.

Para, Tillo and Lolli project have been acquired, but yet to start operations in the near future.

For more information on Latin Metals please visit their website at www.latin-metals.com

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