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(TSXV: PEGA) Pegasus Resources – Uranium, Essential to Achieve Net Zero 2035

Nuclear power has a unique position in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, making Pegasus Resources stock (PEGA.V) an attractive bet. Nuclear energy can offer base load power while avoiding the environmental harm caused by coal and natural gas emissions. In comparison to solar and wind energy, which fluctuate, it is also a stable energy source. Mining uranium might arouse concerns since it can harm the environment if done incorrectly, but Pegasus Resources will put these worries to rest. Pegasus Resources Inc. is a diversified junior Canadian mineral exploration company focused in North America on uranium, gold, and base metal prospects.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), global nuclear-generating capacity will increase from 392 GWe in 2019 to 475 GWe by 2030, 622 GWe by 2040, and 715 GWe by 2050 in the high case scenario. Choosing nuclear power has a number of advantages, including environmental and electric freedom. Many European countries have recently suffered from energy dependency as a result of their purchases of Russian resources. For example, an eraser-sized uranium pellet contains the same energy as 120 gallons of oil or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas. This allows nuclear power plants to efficiently generate large amounts of electricity, making them one of the cleanest energy sources per GWh of electricity produced. Uranium can produce tremendous energy and has one of the lowest CO2 emission ratios

Pegasus currently holds four Uranium properties located northeast of the prolific Athabasca Basin of northern Saskatchewan

  • The Wollaston Northeast Property: located about 45 km northeast of the Eagle Point Uranium Mine;
  • The Bentley Lake Property: located approximately 35 km northeast of the edge of the Athabasca Basin.
  • The Mozzie Lake Property consists of two claim blocks situated approximately 25 and 40  km northeast of the edge of the Athabasca Basin.

The stock is currently gaining traction it’s been in an uptrend since mid-February, when moving beverages crossed, according to the chart. The Simple MA (20) is presently trading at $0.07, while the Simple MA (200) is currently trading at $0.06. Around $0.10, we could observe the rise slow. 549,000 shares are waiting to be sold through 14 different orders. Furthermore, it will allow investors to accumulate in the single digits. There are no substantial walls after this resistance until the $0.30 range. The Bollinger bands show daily changes of $0.06 to $0.08 on a daily basis. The Relative Stress Index is the last piece of information we may look at. With an RSI of 56, the stock price is in good shape.

Pegasus is the way of the future. Its various projects will increase the company’s value. Jody Dahrouge, a PEGA advisor with a successful career in basic metals, industrial minerals, rare metals, and uranium exploration, is a member of the company. Its market capitalisation is still small. The company is valued at $7 million, compared to $20 million to $40 million for comparable companies in the Athabascan Basin. Quant Report estimates a fair value of $0.13, implying a direct upside of 73 percent. If you wish to diversify your portfolio with an emerging company, PEGA is for you.

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